DbVisualizer 11.0

Universal database tool for developers, database administrators, and analysts

DbVisualizer is a very helpful tool for both administrators and developers, focused on database visualization and administration. The user is able to quickly connect, visualize details, explore the structure, execute SQL statements and perform many other operations on many database servers.

DbVisualizer uses JDBC drivers to establish connections to all major relational databases, including DB2 (Win/Linux), Informix IDS, JavaDB/Derby, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Pervasive, SAP DB and more.

Moreover, thanks to the power and stability of Java environment and YFiles, an advanced visualization library, DbVisualizer can generate entity-relationship diagrams easily and very fast, choosing between different visualization modes (Hierarchic, Organic, Orthogonal, and Circular) and format options to show into the diagram (e.g. what content to show in each node: just the node name, node name with primary keys, or all the table fields) as well as graph controls like zoom, animation, bridge links, etc.

DbVisualizer requires Java VM 1.6 to use, and from the download page you can choose to download both the installer with Java VM included and the one without Java.

Review summary


  • Multi Platform (Build on Java)
  • Excellent support for generating of relational diagrams


  • None
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